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It has been two years since Cecil the lion was senselessly killed by a trophy hunter. The plight of Cecil sparked international outrage, and revealed an undeniable positive shift in public attitudes toward the protection of wildlife. To save even more lions from the same fate, the tourism industry needs to hear from you.

Facilities that rear captive-bred lion cubs are a major tourist draw in parts of Africa, where unsuspecting tourists and volunteers are led to believe the cubs are orphaned. They pay to feed, pet and walk the animals, not knowing that the lions are being raised to be a trophy hunter's next victim. The documentary film Blood Lions™ reveals that between 6,000 and 8,000 captive-bred lions are confined to cruel conditions on farms throughout South Africa, raised purely for profit and exploitation.

In recent news, South Africa just approved the sale and export of 800 captive-bred lion skeletons for 2017, ignoring widespread public opposition and potentially fueling the demand in Asia where lion bones are used in tonics.

Please sign the petition below urging the global tourism industry to stop offering these exploitative lion experiences to travelers in Africa.

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I join with others in expressing my outrage that lions are bred in captivity in South Africa, and other African countries, only to be exploited through cub petting, lion walks, photo opportunities, volunteer activities, trophy hunting and the lion bone trade. There is no conservation benefit to these practices and it causes nothing but misery for these animals.

I join The Humane Society of the United States and the Blood LionsTM
campaign in urging you to sign the "Born to Live Wild" pledge and to not offer, promote or send clients to operations offering these cruel activities.

Thank you for making this responsible and ethical decision!

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