Urge Universities to Prohibit Severe Animal Suffering

Urge Universities to Prohibit Severe Animal Suffering

Billions of taxpayer dollars are being funneled to universities to fund harmful experiments each year. As a result, countless animals suffer in campus laboratories every day.

In one example, a monkey at Emory University showed signs of severe malaria nine days after being purposefully infected. The next day he had a severe heart murmur, severe anemia and purple spots all over his body. Later he developed gangrene and began biting his tail. The monkey was finally euthanized 14 days after being infected. A policy requiring animals to be euthanized before severe suffering begins would have protected him from prolonged agony.

Help prevent other animals from suffering like he did -- join more than 26,000 animal lovers who have urged federally-funded universities to adopt internal policies that would prohibit severe suffering in animals at campus laboratories.


Fill in and submit the form below to send a message to the presidents of more than 350 federally-funded schools, urging them to adopt a policy prohibiting severe suffering in animals used for research on their campuses.

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Please adopt a policy to prevent severe animal suffering

Dear [Name of University President], 

I am deeply concerned that my tax dollars may be contributing to research at your institution that causes severe animal suffering.

As a stakeholder in your university, I urge you to adopt a written policy prohibiting severe pain and distress in all laboratory animals in your care.

Animals used in research at your institution deserve to be protected from severe suffering.

Federal laws such as the Animal Welfare Act and Public Health Service Policy, as well as accreditation organizations such as the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care do not prohibit research or conditions that cause severe and unrelieved pain and distress.

Adopting a specific policy preventing severe and unrelieved suffering is the only way to assure donors, students, alumni, faculty, staff, parents and taxpayers that animals in your care are not being subjected to severe suffering.

If your school already has a policy or would like to adopt one, please contact The Humane Society of the United States at www.humanesociety.org/campuspolicycontact.

Thank you for your consideration.

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