Pledge to Protect Michigan's Wolves

Pledge to Michigan's Wolves

With fewer than 700 wolves left in the state, Michigan's wolf population is only now starting to recover from the brink of extinction. Wolves have been on the protected list in Michigan for nearly 50 years. But sadly, Michigan state politicians just signed a bill allowing wolves to be hunted, putting the fragile wolf population in danger once more.

It's not right to spend decades bringing the wolf back from the brink of extinction only to turn around and allow them to be killed for sport.

Keep Michigan Wolves Protected is seeking to collect more than 225,000 signatures of Michigan voters to place a referendum on the ballot in 2014 that would allow voters to choose whether or not to enact the legislature's wolf hunting law.

TAKE ACTION: Please sign the pledge today to show your support for protecting Michigan's wolves and receive alerts from Keep Michigan Wolves Protected.

Paid for with regulated funds by the committee to Keep Michigan Wolves Protected, 5859 W. Saginaw Hwy. #273, Lansing, MI 48917

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I pledge to protect Michigan's fragile wolf population by supporting the Keep Michigan Wolves Protected campaign. I will stand with Michiganders -- and animal lovers across the country -- in working to preserve the longstanding Michigan prohibition on the trophy hunting of this iconic species.

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