Take the Meatless Monday Pledge!

Meatless Mondays are sweeping the nation. Americans are eating less meat today than we did just a few years ago, with millions of people taking a holiday from meat at least one day a week—and for good reasons!

On today’s factory farms, chickens are bred to grow so obese that they can’t even walk more than a few steps without collapsing. They even suffer from heart attacks at only a few weeks of age. But here's the good news: Just by swapping out chicken nuggets with a hearty bean and rice burrito or countless other delicious vegetarian meals, you can help spare animals from suffering and slaughter.

In addition, studies have found that those who eat less meat tend to have slimmer waistlines. They also have a lower risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke and cancer. With the wide variety of meat-free options available in schools, restaurants and grocery stores, eating a healthier, more humane diet has never been easier.

Watch our new Meatless Monday video featuring "Austin & Ally" star Laura Marano, then fill out and submit your pledge below!

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Take the Meatless Monday Pledge!


I pledge to go meat-free on Mondays. 

I will help spare animals from factory farms and slaughter, reduce my impact on the environment, and improve my health by taking a holiday from meat and enjoying delicious vegetarian foods every Monday.

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