Oregon: Stop Killing Sea Lions

Sea lions are being punished in your home state simply for eating fish. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has implemented a vigorous salmon protection program that wrongly targets native populations of California sea lions.

Salmon predation by sea lions at the Bonneville Dam has averaged only around one percent of the total run in each of the last three years, while commercial, recreational, and tribal fishermen have been permitted to harvest up to 17 percent of these fish in some years. As of April 16, California sea lions were documented eating 220 Chinook salmon while 9,358 Chinook were reportedly caught and kept by recreational fishermen. Yet sea lions are being painfully branded and close to 100 are authorized to be killed each year in the name of conservation. Blaming sea lions for eating salmon simply shifts the focus away from the real factors hampering salmon recovery, including habitat degradation and competition with non-native fish that were introduced into the river.

Please use the form below to write a personalized letter to Governor Kitzhaber asking him to call off the killing of California sea lions.

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Dear Governor Kitzhaber,

As your constituent, I urge you to direct the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to stop killing sea lions. This lethal program won't help salmon recovery and harming sea lions only distracts from the real environmental and fishing issues impacting salmon.

Thank you for taking action.

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