you can put an end to puppy mills

Stand up against puppy mills

Puppy mills are cruel, filthy, and heartbreaking.

At least 10,000 puppy mills exist in the United States. Only 3,000 of them are regulated by the Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Stand with Doris Day Animal League as we work hard to end puppy mills, pass more laws clamping down on the cruelest breeders, and raise more consumer awareness. Most of the people who buy these suffering puppies have no idea they are contributing to this unjust system.

Fill out the form and pledge to spread awareness about the cruel puppy mill industry and we'll add your name to a growing list of concerned citizens speaking out for these innocent animals. 

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Puppy mills must be put out of business.

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In this day, no animal should have to suffer cruelty. Today, I pledge to stand with Doris Day Animal League in the fight to end inhumane puppy mills across the U.S.

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