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Urge the USDA to restore access to animal welfare records

Hundreds of thousands of innocent animals are locked behind closed doors in commercial facilities. This is why we rely on the transparency from the USDA to make sure these animals are being treated safely.

Years worth of reports are missing from the USDA website, which means countless animals are in danger. It’s not just commercial dog breeders who will have an easier time getting away with abuse without these records: Horses, rabbits, petting zoo goats, and more are now without that protection.

Fill out the form below and demand the USDA to release the remaining animal records.

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Please fully restore public access to animal records now!

Dear Secretary Sonny Perdue [Decision Maker],

As a DDAL supporter, I am concerned that all of the inspection reports taken down from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) website have not been restored.

Animal advocates like myself depend on these public reports to ensure animals are receiving basic care and that abusive facilities are being shut down.

Please release the remaining records to your website as soon as possible.

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