Ask circuses to do away with wild animal acts

Video by The HSUS.

A recent undercover investigation of a tiger act by The HSUS confirms that circuses have earned the reputation as the cruelest shows on earth due to the use of violent training methods, constant confinement and neglect of animals.

Some circuses are eliminating elephant and other wild animal acts, while others have simply closed down. However, Shrine Circuses, Carson & Barnes Circus, Carden Circus, Garden Bros. Circus, Kelly Miller Circus, UniverSoul Circus and others continue to exploit animals for “entertainment,” despite plenty of evidence that the animals suffer.

Please sign the petition below to let these remaining circuses know that the time has come to eliminate the use of wild animals in their shows.

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Please eliminate wild animal acts in your shows


Growing public awareness about the miserable lives endured by wild animals used in circuses and other traveling shows means that circuses that use wild animals have been dwindling in popularity for decades, while contemporary circuses that dazzle crowds solely with skilled human performers have flourished.

In November of 2016, Forbes magazine reported that circus attendance in the U.S. has dropped an estimated 30 to 50 percent over the last 20 years.

Legislators are also responding to public concern. Four states and more than 130 localities have passed legislation restricting or banning the use of wild animals in circuses and more are considering similar laws.

The time to do away with acts that feature elephants, big cats and bears is now.

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