Don't let the Department of the Interior lift the ban on trophy imports!

Update 11/18/17: Good news -- President Trump announced via Twitter that he will reassess the Interior Department decision to allow the import of trophies from African elephants killed by American hunters in Zimbabwe and Zambia! We are hopeful this means U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services will reverse course, but this announcement is not final and we await the Interior Department’s next step. That means we need to keep up the pressure to ensure these trophies are not imported into the U.S to save the lives of African elephants.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) just announced that it will reverse critical elephant protections established by the Obama administration, which banned the importation of elephant trophies from Zimbabwe, and has also taken action to make importing lion trophies easier.

This is a clear giveaway to Safari Club International and the rest of the trophy hunting industry. This reckless and cruel decision cannot go unchallenged.

Please take a moment to send a message to United States Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke and tell him you do not support this giveaway to the trophy hunting industry and want elephants to continue to be protected.

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Please maintain current protections for elephants and lions.

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