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Each year, tens of thousands of American equines -- working, racing and companion horses, donkeys, mules, and even children's ponies are horrifically slaughtered for human consumption. They are inhumanely transported long distances across our borders, in cramped trailers without food, water or rest. Then they are brutally killed, and their meat is shipped overseas. Sadly, the vast majority of the equines who become victims of this predatory and deceptive industry are young, healthy animals who could have led productive lives with loving owners if they'd been given the chance.

Not only is slaughter immensely cruel, but U.S. horses are not raised for food, and over the course of their lives they are given a wide variety of drugs and veterinary treatments that make their meat unfit for human consumption.

Congress must act to completely end this terribly cruel practice once and for all. The Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE) Act, H.R. 961/S. 2006, would ban domestic horse slaughter in the U.S. and stop the export of American horses for slaughter abroad. This vital legislation is needed to fully protect our horses from ending up on foreign dinner plates. Horses have stood by us as our loyal companions throughout history, and we owe it to them to protect them from abuse.

Please make a brief, polite phone call to your two U.S. Senators and U.S. Representative and ask them to support the SAFE Act. Look up your legislators' phone number. You can simply say, “As someone who cares about horses, I urge you to co-sponsor the Safeguard American Food Exports Act, H.R. 961/S. 2006, and do all that you can to get it enacted quickly."

Calling is so important. Please do not skip this crucial step. Then, personalize and submit the letter below to send a follow-up message.

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Dear Legislator,

Please co-sponsor the Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE) Act, H.R. 961/S. 2006, and do all that you can to push for the passage of this important bill. I am against the cruel slaughter of American horses, and I am concerned that horsemeat is tainted and unsafe for human consumption.

I urge you to completely ban domestic horse slaughter and end the export of horses abroad for slaughter.

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