Encouraging Words from IHOP

We're pleased to give you the promising news that IHOP has agreed to begin testing the use of cage-free eggs, and, if successful, intends to switch millions of eggs from battery to cage-free within the next few months. The HSUS is cautiously optimistic about this, and has decided to place a moratorium on the campaign while IHOP begins the transition.

IHOP will give us an update at the latest by March 15th; at that time, we'll determine whether to continue or end the campaign.

Thank you all for your support throughout the campaign. This progress wouldn't be possible without your efforts! We'll keep you updated.

If you would like to learn more about ways you can take action, please visit The Humane Society of the United States, or take action on one of the issues below.

  1. EU DIGO NÃO aos ovos de gaiolas em bateria
    Diga não aos ovos de galinhas engaioladas
  2. conviojr
  3. Take the Humane Promise
    The Humane Promise, build as an advo alert so we can display the accurate count of takers.
  4. ACT NOW: End Abuse of Monkeys in Laboratories
    It's time to act now! Monkeys in laboratories are being treated inhumanely. These animals are being forced to undergo countless medical procedures like surgery, receiving experimental shots, and other tests against their will. Many animals are living..
  5. Ban Lead Ammunition
    It's time to act now! Earlier this year, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke reversed the decision to ban the use of lead ammunition on more than 150 million acres of national wildlife refuges.