Urge the 111th Congress to Protect Horses

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Please consider taking action on other issues.

  1. Alto a las Fábricas de Cachorros-Comienza Contigo
    Ayuda a detener las fábricas de cachorros al optar por no comprar tu próxima mascota en las tiendas o en los sitios de Internet que venden cachorros o gatitos.
  2. Amazon-Owned MyHabit.com Sells Real Fur as Faux
    Amazon-owned MyHabit.com has been discovered selling multiple real-fur items as "faux." Please ask the company to go fur-free!
  3. Breeders: Reduce the Number of Horses Sent to Slaughter
    Responsible breeders are joining together to reduce the number of surplus horses as part of our Responsible Horse Breeders Council. Pledge now to become a responsible horse breeder to help protect horses from neglect, starvation, and slaughter.
  4. Call Off the Seal Slaughter
    Each year, the Canadian government authorizes sealers to club and shoot hundreds of thousands of baby seals for their fur. Ask the Canadian Prime Minister to call it off this year.
  5. Dogs at Georgia Regents University Need Your Help
    Dogs are being used at Georgia Regents University for painful dental experiments and killed. Take action to help protect dogs from suffering.