Fur Free Pledge

Thank you for your interest in our Fur Free Pledge. You can sign the pledge here.

Find out more about our campaign to secure an end to the cruel and unnecessary fur trade.

And, please consider taking action on other alerts:

  1. EU DIGO NÃO aos ovos de gaiolas em bateria
    Diga não aos ovos de galinhas engaioladas
  2. conviojr
  3. Oppose Polar Bear Trophy Imports
    Oppose H.R. 1054 which would allow American trophy hunters to bring their sport-hunted polar bear trophies back from Canada.
  4. Take the Humane Promise
    The Humane Promise, build as an advo alert so we can display the accurate count of takers.
  5. Join the 2011 Boycott to Save Seals
    Hundreds of thousands of harp seal pups are in danger of being slaughtered on the ice floes of Eastern Canada in just days. It's the largest slaughter of marine mammals on the planet.

Thank you for all you do to help animals.

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