Urge Congress to Protect Animals and Reduce Spending

There is good news and bad news for animals in the debate over agriculture spending for fiscal year 2012.

We beat back attempts to add funding to the federal budget to allow horse slaughter plants to re-open in the U.S. Our “de-funding” provision that currently prohibits the U.S. Department of Agriculture from using its resources to inspect horse slaughter plants remains intact in the House-passed Agriculture Appropriations bill. We’ll work to ensure this de-funding provision remains in the final spending bill.

Unfortunately, after a vote of 132 to 287, the U.S. House of Representatives defeated the Campbell-DeFazio-Peters amendment to stop Wildlife Services’ wasteful use of taxpayer money to kill predators with poisons, aerial gunning, and other inhumane methods.

It’s important to know how your own elected official voted on this amendment. Your representative is: (click here to find your representative's information). Click here to see how each legislator voted. If your representative voted yes, please call and say how grateful you are that your legislator stood up for wildlife. If your representative voted no on the Campbell-DeFazio-Peters amendment, please politely say how disappointed you are.

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