New Jersey: Help Abused Pigs

UPDATED: Nov. 28, 2014

Gov. Chris Christie is on the wrong side of history. He has vetoed the bill that would have prohibited the confinement of pigs in gestation crates.

The veto comes even after Gov. Christie was the subject of an outpouring of concern from New Jersey voters to sign the bill, along with limited pressure from Iowa’s governor and pork industry to reject it. The bill had the support of 93 percent of New Jersey voters, the New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association, the state’s largest newspapers, and animal welfare organizations across New Jersey. It was overwhelmingly approved along bipartisan lines in the state Senate 32-1 and in the Assembly 53-13.

With his second veto on a gestation crate ban within the last year, Gov. Christie has proved himself an outlier on the issue of extreme confinement of farm animals. This veto shows cynical political calculation from the governor and an obvious capitulation to special interests, rather than leadership or humanity. However, we are not discouraged by Gov. Christie's lack of compassion for farm animals. Nine other states, Canada, the European Union, Australia, India, Brazil, some of the biggest pork producers in America and dozens of leading food companies are moving away from the use of gestation crates. We will keep fighting in New Jersey until Gov. Christie is forced to listen to the people of New Jersey.

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