Yes! I want a Humane Backyard!

Humane Backyard Sign

Every day, more and more wildlife habitat is lost to the spread of development. You can help by creating your very own Humane Backyard.

By pledging to provide basic needs like water, food and shelter for wildlife, you can make a difference in your own backyard. Check out the frame-able pledge and see the simple steps to turn any outdoor space, big or small, into a safe place for wildlife, people, and pets then donate to take the pledge!

Donate $30 or more to receive your Humane Backyard sign and gardening gloves, or sign up at the family or organization level to also receive a subscription to Kind News. We’ll also send you updates and action alerts so you can take quick, simple actions for animals each week. Plus, you’ll receive a free subscription to our award-winning, bi-monthly All Animals magazine.