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UPDATE: August 29, 2017, 1:29 PM ET

Your Animal Rescue Team is on the ground in Texas, helping animals and the people who care about them and working to deal with the catastrophic floods hitting so many communities. We started moving animals days before Hurricane Harvey made landfall and we are currently working with local officials on animal transport and rescue. At this moment, we are active in Dickinson and League City, and we are moving animals out of San Antonio.

Since Hurricane Katrina more than a decade ago, we've readied our organization to deal with calamities of this scale. Most of our deployments are for human-caused crises, such as puppy mills and dogfighting cases. But we are ready for natural disasters, and this one is an extraordinary event.

We can't help animals in disaster-affected areas without you. Your support makes our preparedness, rescue and relief work possible.

Please make your donation using the secure form below. Your gift today will ensure that our team can continue to answer the call during this and other times of disaster. (Find out more about how your donation will be used.) Thank you for your support.