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The HSUS Animal Rescue Team is assisting in South Carolina following record-breaking storms. Frank Loftus/The HSUS

October 12, 2015: Last week, our Animal Rescue Team helped relocate 170 animals impacted by Hurricane Joaquin in flood-stricken Lee County, South Carolina. This week, we estimate an additional 150 animals will need to be transported to HSUS Emergency Placement Partners.

We never know when disasters will strike, but we know we must be ready. Your support makes our preparedness, rescue, and relief work possible.

From supplying emergency funding to a local shelter for temporary air conditioners after theirs broke during a heat wave, to providing 40 tons of hay to feed horses left hungry by wildfires, to search, rescue, and emergency sheltering efforts after tragic storms—we're only able to offer relief for animals because of supporters like you.

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