National Impact

Walk Humane seeks to help shelters and rescues continue their vital work in the local community by raising funds and awareness, while also supporting The Humane Society of the United States' national efforts to protect animals.

HSUS efforts

60 percent of Walk Humane's net proceeds stay in the area to fund programs of local shelters. Remaining net proceeds support many of The HSUS's programs such as:

Shelter Adoptions and Spay/Neuter Campaigns
Provides shelter standards and evaluations, training programs, direct support, national conferences, and a national advertising campaign to promote pet adoption

End Dogfighting
Strikes the core of urban dogfighting though proven methods, such as youth anti-violence intervention, pit bull training classes, humane education and community partnerships

Stop Puppy Mills
Investigations and research, outreach and education, hands-on assistance in shutting down puppy mills (rescuing more than 6,000 dogs), and public policy initiatives (7 bills passed in 2011, including some of the largest puppy-producing states in the country)

Fundraising Results

Progress: 74%
Progress: 74%
Raised: $ 29522     Goal: $ 40000