The votes are in, so let the pant hooting begin!

Auction results: All six original chimpanzee masterpieces featured in our Chimpanzee Art Contest were auctioned off on
eBay from November 4 until November 14, 2013, and raised more than $5,300. Net proceeds will benefit the North
American Primate Sanctuary Alliance

Contest results: After tallying more than 27,000 public votes, The Humane Society of the United States announced the
winners of our Chimpanzee Art Contest on August 29, 2013.

Receiving the most public votes was artwork by Brent from Chimp Haven. Second place went to artwork by Cheetah
from Save the Chimps. In third place was artwork by Ripley from Center for Great Apes. For the judged prize,
Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE, founder of the Jane Goodall Institute and UN Messenger of Peace, selected Cheetah’s
artwork. Prizes were in the form of grants to the sanctuaries.

We would also like to congratulate Jenny from Primate Rescue Center, Jamie from Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest,
and Patti from Chimps, Inc. for their truly amazing works of art. Each sanctuary received a $500 grant regardless
of whether a voting prize was won.


Brent - Chimp Haven (Keithville, LA)

Winner of 1st place public vote: $10,000 grant!

Brent is 37 years old and has lived at Chimp Haven since 2006. He is protective of
Grandma, Chimp Haven's oldest resident. He loves to laugh and play. Brent paints
only with his tongue. His unique approach and style, while a little unorthodox, results
in beautiful pieces of art.





Cheetah - Save the Chimps (Ft. Pierce, FL)

Winner of 2nd place public vote: $5,000 grant!
Winner of judged prize (Dr. Jane Goodall’s selection): $5,000 grant!

The Artist formerly known as Cheetah: Cheetah, estimated to be born in the 1970's,
lived alone in a laboratory for 19 years and endured over 400 over biopsies. He was
rescued by Save the Chimps in 2002 and has since discovered his passion for painting.





Ripley - Center for Great Apes (Wauchula, FL)

Winner of 3rd place public vote: $2,500 grant!

Like many chimpanzees used as actors, Ripley was eventually dumped in a roadside
zoo. There, he witnessed the shooting death of his brother and two other chimp
companions after human error resulted in the chimpanzees’ escape. Ripley
found sanctuary at Center for Great Apes and impresses his caretakers with his
resilience and forgiveness.




Jamie - Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest (Cle Elum, WA)

Jamie is the boss of Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest. She has a very active mind
and loves activities, which include occasional art projects. She often prefers
non-traditional surfaces for her work such as toys and walls. It is difficult to
imagine how she survived the years of boredom and fear in biomedical research.





Jenny - Primate Rescue Center (Nicholasville, KY)

Jenny was born on May 19, 1995, at LEMSIP, a former biomedical research
laboratory in New York. In 1996, Jenny was rescued by the Primate Rescue
Center and now spends her days playing with her 10 chimpanzee friends, or
napping on a platform in the evening with her favorite treats.





Patti - Chimps, Inc. (Bend, OR)

Patti was born September 11, 1982 at Marine World Africa USA in Vallejo, California.
Raised by humans and made to perform for crowds of people, she retired in June of
1996 when Chimps Inc. opened its doors to provide her with a lifelong home where
she enjoys her chimp family.