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Join The Humane Society of the United States as a supporter and you'll help our efforts to shut down puppy mills, rescue animals from disasters, and save animals from dogfighting and other forms of animal cruelty.

When you join our fight with a one-time gift of $25 or more, you’ll receive a story and a photo of an animal whose life was saved by generous donations like yours, and you'll also get a subscription to our award-winning All Animals magazine. Plus, we’ll send you updates and action alerts so you can take quick, simple actions for animals each week.

Please consider supporting our work for animals all year long: Become a Humane Hero and your gift for animals will automatically repeat every month. Click here to set up your monthly donation today.

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Other ways to donate

By phone: 1-800-806-3819

By mail:
The Humane Society of the United States
Dept HACEE110501001
2100 L Street NW
Washington, DC 20037

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